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It won’t be long and Valentine’s Day will be upon us. Thoughts of Love will be floating in the air.

This artwork with Hearts floating in the air over a pair of Penguins is a cute representation of a couple in Love.

Toddler Hooded Sweatshirt - Sweatshirts Penguin Hearts Sweatshirts

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Penguin Hearts Sweatshirts

I had fun creating this design with a Vector Graphics program (Inkscape.) Creating the penguins and getting the expressions on their faces was a good exercise in using the drawing tools.

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It’s interesting having an online t-shirt store and looking at the things that are selling… I’ve noticed several sales of this I Love (heart) My Cows! design in infant/toddler t-shirts recently. Hmmm… Makes me wonder if there are a bunch of kids out on farms aspiring to be farmers.

The holstein cows in the picture are what many folks think of as milk cows and dairy farm animals. Of course, there are many other breeds of cows. Should I do some more designs like this with other breeds, like angus or jersey? There must be lots of folks who love their cows and have beef cows or other breeds of milk cows.

Anyway… It’s fun to see a t-shirt like this selling and imagine kids wearing it while letting folks know that they Love Cows!

More items featuring this design can be found in the Love My Cows section.

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