ShowIKRSS WordPress Plugin

ShowIKRSS uses RSS to display Imagekind Galleries.

Set defaults in the options menu.

Insert “[rsspics:IMGSIZE,SASID,TRKCODE,URL]” on a new line in a post or page. Be sure to include the starting and ending brackets.

Replace “URL” with the URL of the RSS feed starting with “http://”.

To show a size of image different from the default, replace “IMGSIZE” with the size image you want to show… 100, 150, 200, 350, 450, 650.

To use a different ID replace “SASID” with your ShareASale ID number. (This may be useful for a team blog.)

Replace “TRKCODE” with a Tracking code if you want to use something other than the default.

Download from site:
ShowIKRSS WordPress Plugin


Why would I want to show a different image size in a post?

Detail might show up better in a larger size or some images may show up well at a smaller size.

Why would you use a different SASID in a post?

You could have a team blog or guest blogger and each blogger could use their own ID.

Why should I use a unique tracking ID?

It’ll help you know where sales are coming from.

Known Issues

Images uploaded from Flickr will be shown at the smallest size and not resized.

Some images aren’t available at the 450 size.


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