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One of my oldest T-Shirt design ideas is, Visualize Whirled Peas. It’s been a fun design that has done well for me. It is a bit dated, in that I didn’t know all that much about graphics or make it so that it could be enlarged more than so much.

Since opening a shop at Spreadshirt where I can sell T-Shirts that use Flock or Flex printing… I decided to update the design idea so it could be used in my Spreadshirt Store.

Flock printing is:

  • velvety feel, like a thin layer of plush
  • extremely durable
  • up to 3 colors per design

Flex printing is:

  • slightly shiny, smooth surface
  • extremely durable
  • up to 3 colors per design

With the limited colors available for these printing methods I ended up with this design.

Visualize Whirled Peas image

Visualize Whirled Peas design for Flock or Flex printing

Quite different from the original, from way back when… The same idea, nonetheless.

Next, I modified the design for use in my Niftywares Shop that uses a different print method. Colors, shadows, and other effects are not limited there…

Visualize Whirled Peas design in Niftywares Store

Visualize Whirled Peas design for digital printing

As you can see, there are some differences, but still the same basic design. Hopefully the updated design will do well for quite some time.

Are you wondering what the old design looks like? Here it is:

Visualize Whirled Peas design in Niftywares Store

Visualize Whirled Peas design in Niftywares Store

Quite a change from one of my earliest design ideas to now.

Some details of how the update was done, for anyone interested:

The new design was created with Inkscape, a scaleable vector drawing program.

The first thing was to make the ‘Peas’ They started with a simple circle that was duplicated and resized several times to make one arm of a spiral.

Next was making tiled clones of the spiral that rotated around a center point. Lots of trial and error happened here in order to get a pattern that looked halfway decent. There was still a empty center after making the tiled clones, easily fixed by duplicating a few peas and placing them there.

Last was to add the text. For that it was a matter of finding the font and placing the text on a circle.

A little clean up and formatting and there was a finished design for flock or flex print.

Of course it really didn’t go all that quickly or smoothly at times… There was lots of trying different things and backing up to start over from the last save. Especially since I am still fairly new at using Inkscape and am still learning all the features and functions.

For the design to use for digital printing it was a matter of scaling to the proper size and adding some filters to the peas and text to make them look more 3 dimensional. Again some trial and error to get a good result.

There you have it, from start to finish it was around a day’s time. Planning and thinking… Well, that took a while more.


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Some online friends and I have been working on getting new web sites set up to sell products featuring some of our favorite subjects.

A gal that loves horses and equines of all kinds has created Longears Love, a site that features Mules, Horses, Zebras, and much more on great products and gifts.

Her Mules in Harness section shows great mules being useful.

Looking at the Mules has brought back good memories of watching the Francis the Talking Mule movies. Now… That was one smart Mule! They were a fun series of movies done in the 1950’s with Donald O’Connor as the co-star.

For something a bit different… There’s Dress featuring Goth, Punk, and Halloween designs.

I’ll confess I’m not into the darker stuff. I do like a bunch of the Cute and Spooky designs the webmistress has picked for her site. Cute Devil Baby brought a smile… Don’t we all know some cute kids that get into lots of mischief?

Moving on to Sweet Tees & Cakes… Which is about… You guessed it… Food!

I wonder how hungry she got picking out designs and products to feature on her website?

Just looking at the Fruit and Veggies section makes me want to nibble on something. And… What’s better to nibble on than some fresh Fruit or Veggies?

Last, and hopefully not least… The site I’m working on… Nifty Sky. Photographic gifts featuring beautiful Sunrises, Sunsets, Rainbows, and Clouds.

I love how pretty nature can be with her lovely skies. What better way to share the wonder of nature than with Greeting cards, Calendars, Mugs, or others gifts with pretty photos? Something as simple as a Lone Tree under Clouds can be such a pretty sight.

I’m sure we’ll all be busy adding more good stuff to our sites as time goes on.

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Much to my surprise… I found out I was a featured artist at Imagekind today. A very nice surprise indeed! I wonder how many folks will check out my galleries?

I’ve really enjoyed taking photos and trying to get good ones to post. Not all of them turn out great… Once in a while there’s a fairly decent one worth putting up at Imagekind…

Gee… I feel almost famous, getting my profile listed at Imagekind!

Kent Lorentzen featured artist at Imagekind

Kent Lorentzen featured artist at Imagekind

Visit Imagekind Community Sell at Imagekind Create at Imagekind Shop Imagekind Shop Canvas Custom Framing Shop Greeting Cards Shop Prints Kent Lorentzen profile

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It’s interesting having an online t-shirt store and looking at the things that are selling… I’ve noticed several sales of this I Love (heart) My Cows! design in infant/toddler t-shirts recently. Hmmm… Makes me wonder if there are a bunch of kids out on farms aspiring to be farmers.

The holstein cows in the picture are what many folks think of as milk cows and dairy farm animals. Of course, there are many other breeds of cows. Should I do some more designs like this with other breeds, like angus or jersey? There must be lots of folks who love their cows and have beef cows or other breeds of milk cows.

Anyway… It’s fun to see a t-shirt like this selling and imagine kids wearing it while letting folks know that they Love Cows!

More items featuring this design can be found in the Love My Cows section.

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Cassie, over at Cassie’s Critters has been looking for animal designs on the Flip Minos video camcorders that Cafepress is now offering. She inspired me to gather a few photos and see if I could come up with some critter designs for the Flip cameras. I managed to get some photos formatted and put on the cameras:

Garter Snake

Garter Snake Flip Mino
A garter snake gives you the eye in this close-up photo.

Fun in the Snow

Fun in the Snow Flip Mino
Raven the dog is having fun running in fresh snow out in a hay field on a December winter morning. Raven is a mix of German shepherd, Norwegian elkhound, and English setter.

I Love You Cow

I Love You Cow Flip Mino
This ‘I Love You Cow’ is a Fun Valentine’s Day Gift. She has a lot of Heart and Loves U. So… Make your Sweetheart smile this Valentine’s with this cute cow.

Masked Raccoon

Masked Raccoon Flip Mino
A masked raccoon is in grass and clover looking at you.

I Love You Cow

I Love You Cow Flip Mino
This ‘I Love You Cow’ is a Fun Valentine’s Day Gift. She has a lot of Heart and Loves U. So… Make your Sweetheart smile this Valentine’s with this cute cow.

Queen Cat

Queen Cat Flip Mino
This cat thinks she’s a Queen, and of course she is… You can see it by the way she sits.

Looks like I’ll have more fun adding photos of flowers and other stuff to the flip mino cameras.

If you’d like to check out all the critter flips Cassie has gathered… Head on over to Critter Flips.

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Oct 19 2008

Checking out CSA T-Shirts

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CSA Ringer T by Rotem Gear

I just saw a tweet from Jean at Rotem Gear that she has a new CSA design on t-shirts. It tickled me, as I’ll be going to a ‘Local Food’ Farmers Union dinner and meeting Thursday evening. A couple folks will be talking about their CSA’s. I’ll be talking about the Farmers Market, and a gal will talk about the farmers market visitor count and survey.

If you aren’t familiar with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)… it’s part of the local food movement. This t-shirt design is a clever tv parody and invites us to take a closer look.

More items featuring this design can be found in the CSA: Community Supported Agriculture section.

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Jul 04 2008

WordPress Plugins I use

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I have a number of websites, and many of them are WordPress blog based. There are lots of great plugins for WordPress to use. Here’s a list of some of them I’ve found useful:

There are many other great plugins I’m not using because I don’t have a need for them or haven’t heard of them. I did want to share the ones I like and use most often.

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Jun 27 2008

Red and Yellow Flowers Photo

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Here’s a photo of bright red and yellow flower blossoms I took at last Wednesday’s farmers market. I love how this photo turned out with other blossoms behind the central bloom and the green leaves under the blossom.

I’ve added this to my Flowers gallery at Imagekind, so it is available for sale there, framed or unframed.

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Jun 20 2008

That’s How I Roll Tractor Shirts

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My friend Jean, from Rotem Gear, recently posted about a new design for farmers… It says ‘That’s How I Roll’ and has a picture of a farm tractor. Perfect for us farm guys, gals, and kids. Don’t you think it’s a great design?

Farm Tractor White T-Shirt

This great design is available on many styles of shirts to fit nearly anyone. What a nice gift for any farmer, or wannabe farmer.

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May 30 2008

Cutting and Planting Potatoes

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It’s a late spring and all the planting has been delayed. Tuesday I cut potatoes and Thursday I got them planted. Put in about an acre, divided between Gold Rush russets, Yukon Gold, and Red Norlands.

Took some video when I was cutting spuds… And this is my first video posted to the web:

I kept it short on purpose so it wouldn’t take too long to load on dial-up internet. Okay… I have to admit… The clip of cutting is speeded up a tiny bit to shorten the clip.

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