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A friend mentioned she was going to do Tuesdays Topic (traveling) on her Blog, that got me to thinking about traveling. I have some fond memories related to travel.

My Grandpa lived with us when I was a kid, way back when. He loved to travel. He’d get the 60 days for 60 dollars bus passes and travel all over the country. I have a scrapbook filled with postcards sent from all the places he stopped. Grandpa was a neat guy to send me so many postcards.

Even when he wasn’t traveling, he still loved travel. In those days, the Minneapolis public library had a movie theater and would show a travelog film on Wednesdays. Sometimes he’d take me along, we’d catch a bus and go downtown, it was so cool. The library also had a museum in the basement, what a fun place to explore. It was always a great day to go downtown with Grandpa.

More thoughts of travel, caused me to dig out a photo album and look through it…

I found a photo of me with my first bicycle, it was brand new to me, a freshly repainted 20 incher.

My New Bike

1964 was a good year…  Cowboy boots and shirt plus a bicycle!  Oh…  The good memories.  I did lots of traveling and put many miles on that bicycle!

Thank you Jen for bringing up Tuesdays Topic and giving me a smile with fond memories!

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