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Beaming Sunset by Kent Lorentzen

Glanced out late yesterday afternoon and saw an orange sky. Oh my… It was the sunset. Grabbed the camera, threw on a jacket, hat, gloves, and boots, then headed out to try and capture the lovely sky.

It’s so hard to know when taking the pictures how they will turn out and if any will do justice to the view. Several turned out decent and a few others could be improved if they were cropped

This one… Is just the way it came out of the camera.

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Turned out to be a nice winter sunset with the orange beam of light shooting up into the sky. There are enough clouds to color the sky nicely with the orange tint from the setting sun. It’s not every day you get such a view.

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Another photo of Monday’s sunset.  This one captured more of the sky and some of the snow in the field was cropped.  I’m often amazed at the colors during sunset.

7 January 2008 Sunset cropped

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There were pretty colors in the sky at sunset on Monday, so…  I took the camera out into the south field and snapped some pictures.  Here’s one:

7 January 2008 Sunset

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Sunset Between Pines by Kent Lorentzen

Looked out yesterday around sunset, the cats were waiting to be fed, and saw the pretty sky. So… After feeding the cats I stepped out the door with the camera and took a couple of photos. I think this one, with the orange ray shooting into the clouds and a spot of orange reflecting off the snow didn’t turn out too bad.

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Something Interesting by Kent Lorentzen

Raven’s found something interesting in the snow. What could it be? I don’t know! She loves to go and check things out.

We went for a walk the other day, in the south field at sunset, with me thinking I’d take a picture or two of the setting sun. Took several photos of Raven with her in different poses. This is one of them.

Prices for Something Interesting begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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