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It won’t be long and Valentine’s Day will be upon us. Thoughts of Love will be floating in the air.

This artwork with Hearts floating in the air over a pair of Penguins is a cute representation of a couple in Love.

Toddler Hooded Sweatshirt - Sweatshirts Penguin Hearts Sweatshirts

Spreadshirt Market Place Product

Penguin Hearts Sweatshirts

I had fun creating this design with a Vector Graphics program (Inkscape.) Creating the penguins and getting the expressions on their faces was a good exercise in using the drawing tools.

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Last Summer I was lucky enough to get a decent photo of the Cat and Dog sitting on a Hay Bale looking out across the farm fields. It’s a rare day when the critters pose so nicely like they did sitting on the bale out in the Hay field.

This has to be one of my favorite photographs so I picked it for a Canvas Print from Cafepress.

Here’s the print fresh out of the package. It was nicely protected in the box. An inner cardboard protected and separated the foam bagged canvas from the outer box.

Cat and Dog on a Hay Bale Canvas Print

Cat and Dog on a Hay Bale Canvas Print

Here is the canvas print under a couple of 8 1/2 x 11 photo prints I had printed earlier.

Cat and Dog Canvas Print and Photo Prints

Cat and Dog on a Hay Bale Canvas Print and Photo Prints

I’m happy with he way it turned out the colors and detail came out looking like the paper prints I had. The canvas looks good even with the fairly smooth finish, possibly from the UV coating. The framing, and packaging were all done nicely. It proudly hangs on my wall.

Since it turned out so well I have added Cat and Dog on Hay Bale Canvas Wall Art prints of the photo to my Photography By Kent Lorentzen  Cafepress shop.

Cat and Dog on Hay Bale Wall Art Canvas Art

Cat and Dog on Hay Bale Wall Art Canvas Art

The photo is also available on many more products, such as greeting cards, framed tiles, and gifts.

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Pretty Bright Flowers by Kent Lorentzen

Bright colored flower plants were blooming at last week’s Farmer’s Market. They make a beautiful photo.

One of nice things about selling my garden goodies at Farmer’s Market… Is seeing all the great things other vendors bring. This time of year there are lots of lovely flower plants all ready for folks to put in their gardens.

I try to snap some photos each day I’m there… Once in a while I’m lucky enough to capture a really pretty image.

Click to Order-> Framed PrintUnframed PrintCanvas Print

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This is a nice giclee print of a Cardinal that I received from Loxly Gallery. What a beautiful bird and photograph, the print quality is outstanding.

Here’s a photo I took of the print:

Red Headed Cardinal from Loxly Gallery

Red Headed Cardinal from Loxly Gallery

Click on the image to view it larger.

The photo doesn’t do justice to the print quality or show all the great color and detail that show up when looking at the print in person.

Here’s how the print is shown at Loxly Gallery:

Summing it up… I’ll give a thumbs up as my Review rating to Loxly Gallery for producing a great print! I’m sure to enjoy it for a long time.

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Oh yes… I often get help at the keyboard, whether it’s wanted or not… First there will be a little nudge on the right hand or I’ll notice something weird appearing on the monitor screen. Oh! It’s just Raven coming to aid in getting something done on the computer…

Raven helping type

Raven helping type

Click on the picture to view it larger.

Dogs can be so helpful… And are real good typists. 😛 I thought as camera shy as Raven is… maybe it’d be hard to get a picture of her. Well, as you can see, she isn’t a totally camera shy dog.

I wonder if other folks with critters in the house get help at their computers too? Do any of them have pictures to show?

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It’s interesting having an online t-shirt store and looking at the things that are selling… I’ve noticed several sales of this I Love (heart) My Cows! design in infant/toddler t-shirts recently. Hmmm… Makes me wonder if there are a bunch of kids out on farms aspiring to be farmers.

The holstein cows in the picture are what many folks think of as milk cows and dairy farm animals. Of course, there are many other breeds of cows. Should I do some more designs like this with other breeds, like angus or jersey? There must be lots of folks who love their cows and have beef cows or other breeds of milk cows.

Anyway… It’s fun to see a t-shirt like this selling and imagine kids wearing it while letting folks know that they Love Cows!

More items featuring this design can be found in the Love My Cows section.

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Cassie, over at Cassie’s Critters has been looking for animal designs on the Flip Minos video camcorders that Cafepress is now offering. She inspired me to gather a few photos and see if I could come up with some critter designs for the Flip cameras. I managed to get some photos formatted and put on the cameras:

Garter Snake

Garter Snake Flip Mino
A garter snake gives you the eye in this close-up photo.

Fun in the Snow

Fun in the Snow Flip Mino
Raven the dog is having fun running in fresh snow out in a hay field on a December winter morning. Raven is a mix of German shepherd, Norwegian elkhound, and English setter.

I Love You Cow

I Love You Cow Flip Mino
This ‘I Love You Cow’ is a Fun Valentine’s Day Gift. She has a lot of Heart and Loves U. So… Make your Sweetheart smile this Valentine’s with this cute cow.

Masked Raccoon

Masked Raccoon Flip Mino
A masked raccoon is in grass and clover looking at you.

I Love You Cow

I Love You Cow Flip Mino
This ‘I Love You Cow’ is a Fun Valentine’s Day Gift. She has a lot of Heart and Loves U. So… Make your Sweetheart smile this Valentine’s with this cute cow.

Queen Cat

Queen Cat Flip Mino
This cat thinks she’s a Queen, and of course she is… You can see it by the way she sits.

Looks like I’ll have more fun adding photos of flowers and other stuff to the flip mino cameras.

If you’d like to check out all the critter flips Cassie has gathered… Head on over to Critter Flips.

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Dec 16 2007

Something Interesting!

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Something Interesting by Kent Lorentzen

Raven’s found something interesting in the snow. What could it be? I don’t know! She loves to go and check things out.

We went for a walk the other day, in the south field at sunset, with me thinking I’d take a picture or two of the setting sun. Took several photos of Raven with her in different poses. This is one of them.

Prices for Something Interesting begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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Dec 07 2007

Fun in the Snow

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Fun in the Snow 1233 by Kent Lorentzen

Raven (my dog) and I went for a walk in the snow this morning. She was good enough to let me get a picture of her playing and having fun in the snow.

After walking along the river and taking some pics, we hiked out into the fields behind the house. Raven was checking out the deer tracks and having a good time. I was so lucky to catch a photo with her in motion with a puff of powdery snow in the air. I’ve had a hard time capturing moments like that.

We were both happy to get back in the house after the walk, since the temperature was zero with a brisk breeze. Oh… I was dressed for it, and after all Raven has a fur coat. But… The buttons on the camera are too small to work with mittens on, so my hands got a little chilly.

Prices for Fun in the Snow 1233 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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Nov 30 2007

Getting Cat Pictures

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It’s so… tough getting good pictures of the cats and kittens. They are farm cats and just don’t cooperate, don’t hold still, or let me get close enough. Aargh!

Anyway… One of the kittens is starting to get a bit friendlier, opened the door yesterday and got some pics. None of them, super good, but… Heck, if you don’t try, you’ll never get a good pic.

Kitten on the Step

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