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It won’t be long and Valentine’s Day will be upon us. Thoughts of Love will be floating in the air.

This artwork with Hearts floating in the air over a pair of Penguins is a cute representation of a couple in Love.

Toddler Hooded Sweatshirt - Sweatshirts Penguin Hearts Sweatshirts

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Penguin Hearts Sweatshirts

I had fun creating this design with a Vector Graphics program (Inkscape.) Creating the penguins and getting the expressions on their faces was a good exercise in using the drawing tools.

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Last Summer I was lucky enough to get a decent photo of the Cat and Dog sitting on a Hay Bale looking out across the farm fields. It’s a rare day when the critters pose so nicely like they did sitting on the bale out in the Hay field.

This has to be one of my favorite photographs so I picked it for a Canvas Print from Cafepress.

Here’s the print fresh out of the package. It was nicely protected in the box. An inner cardboard protected and separated the foam bagged canvas from the outer box.

Cat and Dog on a Hay Bale Canvas Print

Cat and Dog on a Hay Bale Canvas Print

Here is the canvas print under a couple of 8 1/2 x 11 photo prints I had printed earlier.

Cat and Dog Canvas Print and Photo Prints

Cat and Dog on a Hay Bale Canvas Print and Photo Prints

I’m happy with he way it turned out the colors and detail came out looking like the paper prints I had. The canvas looks good even with the fairly smooth finish, possibly from the UV coating. The framing, and packaging were all done nicely. It proudly hangs on my wall.

Since it turned out so well I have added Cat and Dog on Hay Bale Canvas Wall Art prints of the photo to my Photography By Kent Lorentzen  Cafepress shop.

Cat and Dog on Hay Bale Wall Art Canvas Art

Cat and Dog on Hay Bale Wall Art Canvas Art

The photo is also available on many more products, such as greeting cards, framed tiles, and gifts.

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Managed to get a decent close up photo of some Wood Aster Flowers recently. They are pretty wild flowers that survived the frost.

I like it so much I’d like to share it on a Canvas Prints at a Special Price for a limited time.

September Wildflower Blossoms Canvas Print

September Wildflower Blossoms Canvas Print

24.00″ x 20.00″ Stretched Canvas Prints are at the Sale price of $82.00 for a limited time. This special price is limited to copies and will end on 10/10/2011 at 5:00 PM, which ever comes first.

You can also get a Giclee Print in other sizes at:
Photography Prints

Or Greeting Cards

September Wildflower Blossoms Greeting Cards

September Wildflower Blossoms Greeting Cards

What a Beautiful Card to send to your friends and relatives.

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Found a wonderful artist the other day… An alert for ‘Imagekind’ led to a blog post announcing her art gallery on Imagekind. I was blown away by it!

The cute illustrations made me smile and amazed me with the life and energy in them. The bright colors, expressions, and details are wonderful.

Okay… Maybe I’m getting a bit carried away with the superlatives… But, then again… It’s hard not to praise such beautiful work.

One of the great things about the Imagekind affiliate program is that I get to find, promote, and write about great art. This is one of those times when I absolutely love the opportunity!

Today is a double feature for Rachelle… I featured another of her works at my Nifty Piks – Photos and Art blog. ‘Storytime with Grandma’

Rachelle’s blog also has more of her work and some great tutorials on how to do illustrations. Makes me really wish I could draw.

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