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Sunset Between Pines by Kent Lorentzen

Looked out yesterday around sunset, the cats were waiting to be fed, and saw the pretty sky. So… After feeding the cats I stepped out the door with the camera and took a couple of photos. I think this one, with the orange ray shooting into the clouds and a spot of orange reflecting off the snow didn’t turn out too bad.

Prices for Sunset Between Pines begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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Been working on websites some more, and added a couple more ‘Give Peas a Chance’ designs to Also added another ‘Peas on Earth‘ design to the shop.

The shop has all kinds of Peas-Peace designs on many styles of t-shirts and gifts. There should be something for just about anyone that wants to promote peace, with peas.
All I Want for Christmas Is...  Whirled Peas framed tileImagine Whirled Peas kids t-shirt

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Something Interesting by Kent Lorentzen

Raven’s found something interesting in the snow. What could it be? I don’t know! She loves to go and check things out.

We went for a walk the other day, in the south field at sunset, with me thinking I’d take a picture or two of the setting sun. Took several photos of Raven with her in different poses. This is one of them.

Prices for Something Interesting begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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Icicle at Sunset 1261 by Kent Lorentzen

Finished up some outside chores just about sunset yesterday, so grabbed the camera and took some pictures. Here’s a photo of an icicle hanging down with the setting sun hidden behind it. A few clouds in the sky and the orange horizon make a nice background.

Prices for Icicle at Sunset 1261 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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I have some other blogs, you can check out my Technorati Profile to see my favorite blogs.

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Sun on the River 1225 by Kent Lorentzen

This morning’s walk was along the Mississippi river. I took some photos of the sunrise and caught the sun’s reflection on the water.

There is still open water by my house even with the sub-zero temps we’ve had. Just a short distance downstream, the river has frozen over all the way across. If the water is low, the strong current often keeps a spot of water open all winter long.

Prices for Sun on the River 1225 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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Fun in the Snow 1233 by Kent Lorentzen

Raven (my dog) and I went for a walk in the snow this morning. She was good enough to let me get a picture of her playing and having fun in the snow.

After walking along the river and taking some pics, we hiked out into the fields behind the house. Raven was checking out the deer tracks and having a good time. I was so lucky to catch a photo with her in motion with a puff of powdery snow in the air. I’ve had a hard time capturing moments like that.

We were both happy to get back in the house after the walk, since the temperature was zero with a brisk breeze. Oh… I was dressed for it, and after all Raven has a fur coat. But… The buttons on the camera are too small to work with mittens on, so my hands got a little chilly.

Prices for Fun in the Snow 1233 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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Tree Top Star 1222 by Kent Lorentzen

I was inspired by something I saw the other day to try for this Tree Top Star photo. Almost waited till too late in the day to get this, as the sun was getting higher all the time.

Anyway… It’s a spruce tree in the front yard. Took a tripod out the front door and around to the side of the house. Took several shots from different positions.

I think this was the best of them, with a star glowing right atop the evergreen and the shadow contrasted against the fresh snow.

Too bad the power lines and my footprints in the snow show up in the picture. Oh Well! Guess you can’t have everything!

Prices for Tree Top Star 1222 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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December Sunrise 1205 by Kent Lorentzen

Looked out this morning, and this was what I saw. Had to step out the door and take some pictures. Look at that orange sky behind the trees as the sun rises into the sky. All the fresh white snow on trees in the front yard add to the winter scene.

I was only going to step out for a moment and come right back in, so didn’t grab a hat, jacket, or gloves. Heck… It was only 2 below zero, not that cold. Well… Guess what, that one photo turned into several as the light changed. I wasn’t dressed all that warm. Getting back in and standing by the fire felt real good!

Prices for December Sunrise 1205 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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Snowy Trees 1181 by Kent Lorentzen

After Saturday’s snowfall I had to go out Sunday morning and take pictures. The trees were pretty with fresh snow on them. Had to learn how to set the camera to get the best results.

Here’s a photo of a spruce tree behind a maple tree, in the front yard. Took this picture right outside the front door.

Ended up taking quite a few photos. Now, I have to pick out the best ones and get them uploaded to the web.

Prices for Snowy Trees 1181 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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