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It’s so… tough getting good pictures of the cats and kittens. They are farm cats and just don’t cooperate, don’t hold still, or let me get close enough. Aargh!

Anyway… One of the kittens is starting to get a bit friendlier, opened the door yesterday and got some pics. None of them, super good, but… Heck, if you don’t try, you’ll never get a good pic.

Kitten on the Step

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Was looking at orders from my Cafepress shop, and saw an order for the ‘Christmas Lutefisk’ design.

Christmas Lutefisk Infant Bodysuit

If you are Norsk, or have been around them very much, you know what Lutefisk is, and if your not Norsk and don’t know what it is… Well, you don’t really want to know!

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Dogs – Mostly Raven, who is a mix of German shepherd, Norwegian elkhound, and English setter.

This is my Dog Gallery at Imagekind.


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Red Skies at Dawn 1128 by Kent Lorentzen

Another photo from this morning, looking at the orange red clouds above the Mississippi river. The pine trees silhouetted against the sky and the reflection on the water make a pretty picture.

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November Sunrise 1133 by Kent Lorentzen

It’s worth looking out the window some mornings… Glanced out, and the
sky was so pretty… Picked up the camera, with a quick grab… Dashed out
the door… Snapped some pics.

This is one of them looking across the Mississippi river at the pines on the far bank with orange red clouds in the sky behind them. Reflections off the water add to the colors.

Now I need to get busy and get the rest of the pics uploaded!

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I’ve enjoyed David Weber’s, Honor Harrington series of books, and am currently reading The Shadow of Saganami (The Saganami Island) :

It continues the series by following graduates of Saganami Island, (the school for officers in the Queens navy.)

I suppose to be fair I have to say the ships are space ships since it’s a science fiction book.  Four graduates are assigned to a new warship as midshipmen.

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Sunrise on the Colorado arm of lake LBJ in October 2007

Texas sunrise

This pretty picture is courtesy of WillowIsland.

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Spent all day Tuesday sitting on the tractor getting more ground turned over.  I did finish what I wanted to get done.  It was a good thing.  It’s been cold enough to freeze the ground since then.

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Worked a bit this morning on a ‘Rivers and Streams‘ group I’m moderating at RedBubble.  A new experience, haven’t moderated a group before.

Ground hasn’t frozen yet so did some more plowing.  Have a few hours left to finish the field.  Probably won’t freeze much tonight.  Should be okay yet tomorrow.

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